ARGEX produces expanded clay grains that are particularly suitable for floor insulation.

    “Thermosol” from Argex forms an insulating, draining layer between a building’s floor slab or raft and the ground itself.

    “Thermosol” from Argex consists of a layer of AR8/16-340 grains laid in bulk directly on the earth platform.

    Argex grains guarantee natural insulation that is “durable and guaranteed over time”, free from joins, thus avoiding thermal bridges.
    “Thermosol” from Argex can be used in new construction and renovation of residential or functional buildings such as schools, sports halls, theatres, shopping centres, and office blocks, as well as for industrial and agricultural buildings.

    Argex Thermosols: the fast, effective, environmentally-friendly insulation.
  • BASF


    BASF is the world leader in the chemical industry. A dependable partner, BASF creates chemistry to contribute to the success of its customers in most industries. By offering intelligent solutions and high-quality products, BASF is actively contributing to addressing major global challenges like climate protection, energy efficiency, food supply, and mobility.

    BASF manufacturers more than 40,000 products for the construction industry, from products for building structures (concrete additives, repair mortars, etc.) to products for insulation, as well as products involved in internal finishing like paints, adhesives, etc.

    In 2010, BASF products allowed a saving of 322 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.


    Isover is the world leader in insulation. Through its technical expertise and innovative ambitions, Isover has been able to create a range of environmentally-friendly products for sustainable comfort.

    Isover offers a superior quality insulation product with the best thermal and acoustic results. Isover also represents the best choice in terms of fire safety, ease of use, and technical back-up.

    You make your choice: masonry or timber-framing, modern or traditional. Isover offers you the ultimate in mineral wool, always with the best value for money!

    Isover glassfibre wool insulation materials are sustainable products: they are manufactured from 75% recycled glass.


    Knauf has been manufacturing and marketing finishing and insulation materials in Belgium for over 30 years. The solutions on offer make it possible to effectively meet the strictest requirements in the areas of energy, acoustics, or fire, in both new construction and renovation.
    In the specific field of passive dwellings, the company benefits from the expertise of its parent company in Germany. Through its various product ranges, Knauf offers innovative, high-performance solutions, suitable for massive construction systems (insulating façades, mineral or organic renders, plaster-, clay-, or lime-based interior coatings, rock or glassfibre mineral wools for insulating flat or pitched roofs) or lightweight constructions (framing insulation, plaster, fibrous plaster or fibrous cement boards, vapour barrier membranes, etc.)

    Lastly, Knauf glassfibre wools benefit from the ECOSE® Technology and are manufactured using a natural, formaldehyde-free binder coming from rapidly-renewable organic materials.


    Recticel Insulation is a manufacturer of sustainable insulation concepts and products that contribute to significant energy savings in construction projects and improve end-user comfort.


    Recticel Insulation meets the numerous strict quality standards and is able to proves this with the necessary certifications. Furthermore, we are the only producer of 'Keymark'-certified rigid insulating panels, a quality mark that guarantees all the indications on the CE label do indeed reflect the actual values.

    Reliability and service

    With Recticel Insulation, you can rely on our many years’ experience in insulating panels for your home. What’s more, we are constantly researching improvements. Alongside all this, our extensive sales team offers you expert advice and the support you need.

    Sustainable development

    Recticel Insulation respects mankind and its environment. This is why we are taking increasingly scrupulous care that our products are produced and processed in an environmentally-friendly way.


    FOAMGLAS® is a superior quality thermal insulation material for construction and technical installations. This safety insulation material consists mainly of recycled glass (> 66%) and natural raw materials, naturally present in virtually unlimited quantities.

    FOAMGLAS® insulation systems make valuable contributions in numerous respects to environmental and climate protection. They help project owners to save on heating costs and avoid thermal losses, while preventing moisture from being absorbed into the constructional element. The durability of insulation systems is increasing greatly, thereby limiting the volumes for disposal and associated costs.

    When a building is being reconstructed at the end of its period of use, the insulation material can be recycled or used as backfill.


    Why wait for tomorrow to meet the 2020 energy standards when Isobriq® offers you the solution today!

    IsoBriq® is the construction system of the future: a solid concrete wall clad with a thick layer of Neopor® insulation: this process guarantees you reduced energy consumption 

    IsoBriq® is the Belgian manufacturer of 4th-generation double-insulating formwork: withstands earthquakes, floods, and above all … sustainable… i.e. BeGlobal! 

    IsoBriq® guarantees you unbeatable prices and structure completion in just two weeks!

    IsoBriq® offers you a house with no thermal bridges or air leaks, as well as the feeling of well-being. 

    Our partner Green Construct has already built several “certified” passive houses.


    ISOPROC’s ambition is for a sustainable society where current and future generations will be able to flourish. Given the huge impact on the demand for energy and the problems of raw materials and waste, ISOPROC has decided to concentrate its activities in the construction sector.

    ISOPROC wants to contribute to a planet that we can occupy in a sustainable manner, by distributing insulation materials and concepts and by teaching good building methods.

    Our product range includes Celit insulating boards made from wood fibres, isofloc cellulose wadding, pro clima vapour retarders, self-adhesive tapes strips and other accessories, and Hufer T-beams.

    ISOPROC is a founding member of Passiefhuis-Platform and Plateforme de la Maison Passive.